Stanzin Saldon

Founder and CEO, rZamba Foundation

Stanzin Saldon is the founder and CEO of rZamba, a trust registered in Kargil (Ladakh) in India and working primarily to bridge the gaps in school education, health, sanitation and developing rZamba as a platform for social change. She has been part of the State Education Transformation initiative of Kaivalya Education Foundation in J&K as the Quality Improvement manager. An AIF fellowship alumni, Saldon also shares stories from Rural Ladakh through People’s archive of Rural India (PARI).

During this nationwide lockdown she worked with her team and volunteers to support children and educators through storytelling, collaborating with district educational department to come up with teacher training sessions, workshops, and administration through relief and sanitization drives in Kargil. Also, with support from EAA and 100+ community volunteers for a project-based door-to-door learning initiative, rZamba have been able to ensure that learning continues for children from 40 rural locations in Kargil.