Stephen Cole

Presenter and Correspondent of Al Jazeera English

United Kingdom

Stephen Cole is one of the most recognizable and respected faces of international television journalism. Over the past 22 years he has anchored the launches of Sky News (London), CNN International (Atlanta), BBC World Asia and Click Online(London), and Al Jazeera (London) almost six years ago. After presenting award-winning coverage of Europe, Stephen has just moved to Doha (Qatar).

He has anchored live coverage of elections held in Islamabad, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Hong Kong, Sofia and Bangkok and now, as Senior Anchor at Al Jazeera, he is covering the momentous events of the Arab Spring. Stephen has also covered nine conflicts ranging from the Falklands War to Bosnia and Kosovo, the two wars in the Gulf and “9-11”.

Ten years ago Stephen formatted the international IT show Click Online. He took the show to 20 countries and hosted numerous prestigious IT events. Stephen formed Cole Productions – a corporate communications company – 15 years ago. Since then he has specialized in information technology, security and terrorism and international news. He also provides media training through Brazil and Brazil International. He is a Director of Brazil International. He has worked closely with the World Customs Organization, Interpol, the International Security Management Association, Qatar Foundation and the United Nations. He also delivered the keynote lectures on journalism and terrorism at the University of Colorado. Stephen also won a National Travel Writers Award for his work in Malaysia. He has chaired and facilitated at the World Economic Forum at Davos for the past eight years. He is a Media Fellow at the World Economic Forum and jury member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). For six years he presented the annual Oscars program live for BBC World and News 24. Stephen is married to Anne-Marie Cole, a senior BBC Radio 4 Producer.