Mr. Arnold (Cairui) Fu

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Hujiang EdTech


Arnold (Cairui) Fu is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Hujiang EdTech, an online platform in China that helps people learn from each other. Mr. Fu has been dedicated to making education easier, fairer, and more enjoyable through the internet. This is also the mission Hujiang EdTech has been striving to fulfill over the last fifteen years.

Today, Hujiang EdTech has become a Unicorn company in Online Education industry, a corporation with company valuations over 1 billion US dollars and serving more than 140 million users. As a notable young entrepreneur and one of the most successful student-turned-businessmen in China, Mr. Fu has also been listed as one of WISE and the Global EdTech Index’s Top 50 ‘Makers & Shakers’.

Fu has long been devoted to an educational charity program called the Hu+(Hujia) Project. Initiated by his company, Hujiang EdTech, this project aims to change the traditional education model through the use of internet technology. The Hu+ Project both improves and optimizes the sharing of high-quality educational resources. With the support of the public and private sectors, many Chinese rural schools are now offered access to Hujiang EdTech’s online educational products and services.

Over the past 15 years, Fu has clung to the idea that online education is crucial in promoting fair education across the board by creating more equal access to educational resources. It is an idea that he and Hujiang EdTech will continue to adhere to for many years to come.