Tahereh Pazouki

Founder, Magrid

Tahereh Pazouki, Ph.D. has her Master’s in Computer Science and her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Luxembourg. From her personal experience, she observed her brother whose struggles with dyslexia even affected his non-language studies such as math. While performing her post-doctoral research, Tahereh observed a similar pattern with Luxembourg’s children with migratory backgrounds and children with language disorders facing similar struggles as her brother.

After 7 years of research and combining her knowledge of both sciences of psychology and computers, Tahereh developed Magrid, an inclusive pedagogical program that improves early mathematical, visual-spatial, and cognitive abilities in 3-9-year old children. As a result of her work, Tahereh has won awards and recognition from the World Summit Award in Learning & Education, the EIB Social Innovation Tournament 2021 Award, the CYEL award in Luxembourg, and the Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award in 2020. Dr. Pazouki is committed to her mission to create equal learning opportunities for all children through Magrid’s learning solution.