Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Chairman and Founder of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAGorg)


Founded Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) in 1972, a leading global provider of professional and educational services in 73 offices worldwide. 

Among his chairmanships: Global Challenges Forum, Jordan Economic Policy Development Forum, Arab Coalition of Services Industries, TAG University (Lebanon Offshore), TAG College of Business (Amman), TAG University College of Business (Bahrain), Arab States Research and Education Network, Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education. Former Chairman: the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development, UN Global Compact, the ICC Business Action to Support the Information Society, UN Standards on Accounting and Reporting, and UN Professional Harmonization Standards. 

Served on boards including: ICC, Evian Group, King Hussein Foundation, International Federation of Accountants, International Accounting Standards, Industry Advisory Commission (WIPO), Trustees of the American University of Beirut, and M.E. Council of CSIS. 

Founder and President of not-for-profit organizations, including:  Arab Society of Certified Accountants, Arab Knowledge Management Society, Arab Society for Intellectual Property and Licensing Executives Society – Arab Countries. 

Led numerous initiatives including: ICT in Education in the Arab world (UNESCO), TAG IP News agency, TAG IT News Agency, TAG Education Agency, TAG Confucius Institute and TAG Cambridge ICT Skills. Authored dictionaries on ICT, Business, IP, Accounting, Legal and Patents and many studies. Graduate of the American University of Beirut and Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Canisius College, USA. Served as a Senator at the Upper House of Jordan. Currently on WTO Panel on Defining the Future of Trade. Received several decorations (France, Jordan, Tunisia) and many honors and awards.