Tiina Korhonen

Vice Headmaster of Koulumestari School


Tiina Korhonen has held the position of Vice Headmaster at the Koulumestari School in Espoo, Finland since 2007. She manages the Learning Center Innokas, coordinating the participation of several hundred teachers and over 3,000 students. Mrs. Korhonen’s earlier experience includes tenures as primary and secondary teacher in several Finnish schools as well as providing training to Finnish teachers.

Mrs. Korhonen is the coordinator of two Finnish nationwide education development projects: the Innokas project (www.innokas.fi) and the Innovative School sub-project of the Finnable 2020 project (www.finnable.fi). She has a Master’s degree in education and is currently working on her doctoral thesis on the use of ICT in home and school collaboration at the University of Helsinki. Her work has been published in conference proceedings and in a design-based research textbook.

Mrs. Korhonen’s professional interests lie in the wide landscape of 21st-century learning and school practice development, with special focus on the opportunities offered by ICT and robotics. Through her collaborative network, she develops and shares innovative school practices in learning, teachership, leadership and school partnerships.