Tonia Nyomi Williams

Student, Vassar College


Born and raised in Jamaica, Tonia is no stranger to putting education at the forefront of her focuses. She began volunteering in schools with dedicated special needs programs during her school breaks at the age of twelve and continues this tradition even now. Combining this tradition with courses on disability in schools, Tonia has earned the self-acclaimed title of “accessibility advocate”. She also describes herself as an educational techie, as she now concerns herself with bettering the lives of students by using new and innovative technologies. During the past summer, she involved herself with the monthly New York Edtech Meetups. Currently doing a semester abroad in a french immersion program, Tonia is interning at a french educational technology startup that creates applications for students with learning disabilities. Tonia credits her continued interest in education to her experiences gaining cultural insights by studying and working outside of her home country in the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and China. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in the year 2021, Tonia hopes to pursue a Master’s in Learning Technology and another in Occupational Therapy, before moving on to start her own pediatric and educational services company, and later her own special education non-profit.