Wijdan Al-Matari

Youth Representative, MYCHA

Wijdan Al-Matari Has been a volunteer in many community based organizations on issues of youth, women empowerment and peace-building.  After receiving her training in MYCHA last year- Wijdan organized a lifel skills and leadership training to more than 50 orphans in Sanaa. Recognizing that services provided to this group in the community cover their basic needs of food, clothing and if lucky education. But their needs for personal development are overlooked. On her own initiative Wijdan organized the training and has ambition to roll it for all the orphanage homes in Yemen.  

Justification for Nomination
At a time when young people in todays’ world are busy with acquiring material gains and access to technology, Wijdan represent what young people can do with no cost at all to help the vulnerable groups in the community. The strength lies with the commitment to give from what you have and not to expect returns or favors.