Yi-Hwa Liou

National Taipei University of Education

Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Management at the National Taipei University of Education.  Yi-Hwa’s research primarily focuses on leadership and development, organizational dynamics and learning, and networked learning communities, with a particular methodological emphasis on social network analysis.  Yi-Hwa has been leading and participating in multiple (inter)national research projects and working with research teams/scholars around the evolution of organizational networks and systemic change at different levels of education.  This has led to her publication record in top-tier leadership or general education journals.  She currently serves on the editorial boards for Journal of School Leadership, School Leadership & Management, Bloomsbury Book Series Editorial Team, and as a former guest editor for International Journal of Educational Research.  

Yi-Hwa is the recipient of the 2019 AERA Division A Early Emerging Scholar Award and the 2018 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and also a research fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change.  She is currently conducting several longitudinal projects using a design-based approach to organizational innovation by looking into the effect of network interventions on the development of individual and organizational capacity for improvement.  She is committed to using network concepts and analysis to support organizational systems’ strategic planning and development.  You can learn more about her work at: https://ntue.academia.edu/YiHwaLiou