Yussuf A. Sané

National Coordinator, Tostan


Yussuf is a social change leader and community development professional with experience in the management of human rights education programs and models for sustainable community-led development programs. He is a FAF Friendship Ambassador and holds an M.A. in International Studies from The University of Sheffield and a B.A. in International Relations and Security Studies from The University of Bradford Department of Peace Studies

Yussuf is currently the National Coordinator of Tostan in Guinea-Bissau where he is responsible for Tostan’s management of community empowerment partnerships with communities in three regions of Guinea-Bissau, the launch of partnerships with 360 new communities in one region of strategic concentration, and facilitation of strategic partnerships with government authorities and civil society organizations for strengthening democracy and civic engagement.

Yussuf has also been a key training facilitator with the Tostan Training Center, in Senegal. Since 2016, he has supported training with youth and religious leaders, NGOs, UN agencies, and USAID personnel. Prior to joining Tostan, Yussuf worked with the West Africa Civil Society Institute, in Ghana, where he supported the knowledge management and capacity development units to facilitate knowledge-sharing and enhance performance efficiency for civil society organizations in Africa.