Zarmina Hotaki

Principal-Qatar Leadership Academy, Qatar Foundation Schools

United States of America

Zarmina Hotaki holds a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from East Carolina University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Mind, Brain and Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Hotaki worked at a Public Charter School as a School Support Manager: Evidence-based practices and MTSS before coming to Qatar in March 2021. The school served overage and under-credited youth in DC, and its student body is considered 97 percent high risk; some of the most vulnerable youth in DC. She has experienced success in providing professional development on equitable teaching practices, creating inclusion policies to build a culture of teaching for diversity and variability, building tiered systems, and creating an open-minded environment to support the growth and development of students. Some other areas that she has provided training in include Restorative Justice practices, PBIS, MTSS, RTI, Trauma-Informed Teaching, and Brain-Targeted Teaching.