Learning World
Learning World is a series of weekly TV programs on education developed in the framework of a partnership between WISE and Euronews. It broadcasts 16 times a week to all continents in 13 languages. Most programs revolve around 3 stories of 2-3 minutes each, and highlight education issues from around that globe that surprise, inform and entertain.

Learning World: Consequences of Conflict

Part 1 - Back to School, Ivory Coast

The violent power struggle in Ivory Coast closed schools all over the country. Now, as the turmoil recedes, the education system is recovering and campaigners are raising awareness of trauma, and encouraging children to go back to school.

Part 2 - Home Help, Somalia

In Somalia, a country brought to its knees by civil war, the education system has also been wrecked. Lack of investment, of skilled teachers, and of resources makes learning an uphill struggle for many students. But one project is bringing Somali teachers back into their country to help rebuild and develop the whole system.


Part 3 - Reaching Out, Gaza

In the Palestinian Territories, violence and conflict have resulted in limited schooling and desperate living conditions for many people in Gaza. But one Doha-based project is successfully tackling some of the problems, from rebuilding psychological rehabilitation to offering scholarships.

Access and Inclusion

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