Learning World: Emergency Education

Learning World February 28, 2014

Recovering from the trauma of a natural disaster is not only about rebuilding homes and schools, but also rebuilding broken lives and healing trauma. So-called ‘Emergency Education’ can be one of the most effective means to help children who survived a natural disaster return to normality.

Part 1 – Earthquake Aftermath, Haiti

In Haiti, one year on, most of the schools are still emerging from the rubble of the devastating earthquake. More than 200,000 people were killed. Renane counts herself lucky to be alive. She lost her leg, but she did not lose hope. And she is grateful for the support from her family and NGO Handicap International.

Part 2 –  A Window of Opportunity, Pakistan

After the terrible flods in Pakistan, temporary learning centers give hope to thousands of children.”

Part 3 – Overcoming the Wave, Thailand

A teacher in Thailand encourage children to express their memories of the Tsunami through arts.