WISE@Beijing: “Innovating for Equity and Empowerment”

The WISE-LIFE China Forum convened on November 5, 2016, in Beijing, China.

The WISE-LIFE China Forum, also known as WISE@Beijing, was one of several engagements that took place between the biennial global WISE summits. “Innovating for Equity and Empowerment” was an important opportunity to examine and explore a global perspective around issues of local interest and relevance.



High-performing education systems yield high-performing economies. As we progress into the twenty-first century, demand for creative and enterprising individuals continues to soar, especially as countries transition toward knowledge-based societies.

We believe that equitable and inclusive education provides a new, dynamic vision for education systems in all contexts globally. Yet quality education is often not provided equably, cheating learners out of opportunity and advancement. The challenge is present across the world, and is perhaps increasingly relevant in emerging countries such as China, as it faces rapid transitions.

Research shows that students who have enriching school experiences are more likely to stay in education and lead a successful professional life compared to those who have limited and poor quality learning opportunities. Individuals and organizations around the world have developed creative approaches that are empowering people through equitable, quality education. Innovative educators are designing systems that allow learners to develop twenty-first century skills –technical and soft– to succeed in their professional and social lives.

Together with the 21st Century Education Research Institute, WISE has sought to spark debate and has identified creative solutions for education systems. This gathering was an opportunity to engage with international educators and local leaders who have shared best practices from China and around the world.