WISE Conversations
22-23 June 2022 - London

Please join us for an exciting series of London-based discussions, with learned educational experts from our global network of partners and leaders, to address the future of learning.

With an underlying focus on Edtech, WISE is bringing together influential professionals from across the learning ecosystem to present their insights and offer their thoughts on current learning trends in both Europe and beyond.

At WISE, we are committed to revitalizing educational systems worldwide through the development of new ideas and solutions by engaging with like-minded organisations and individuals.


22 June


09:00-10:15  WISE Edtech Accelerator Presents: Developing Disruptive Deep Tech from Ideation to Market                                       Launch

Location: Fora, Spitalfields

Edtech is becoming an increasingly saturated market, especially with investment in this space expected to reach $87B by 2030. Further, we can anticipate a greater presence of Big Tech within schools and universities over the next decade. With that in mind, this session will explore how can edtech founders decrease their incubation to market release cycle, without losing the innovation and pedagogical value of their product along the way. Featuring OBRIZUM CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Chibeza Agley and the team from OBRIZUM, an AI-driven learning platform, this panel discussion will aim to unpack how edtech founders can accelerate the development and release of their solutions, providing tips and insights into how they might be able to approach commercialisation and product launch. Learn more

10:30-11:15  Educare Brings Together European EdTech Investors

Location: Fora, Spitalfields

Within the edtech space, funding is set to grow to $87B by 2030 as edtech startups continue to develop and become moe sophisticated. Whilst funding opportunities expand, getting a piece of these investments remain a challenge for edtech entrepreneurs. Series C still represents the majority of Edtech investments, accounting for 66% of the total. Featuring Svenia Busson, Operating Partner at Educare, and Julien Coudun, VC Associate at Educare, this exclusive fireside chat is set to explore the current edtech fundraising landscape and identify new, more innovative ways of raising funds, beyond the traditional strategies employed to engage angel investors, VCs and institutional investors. Learn more

11:30-13:00 How Platforms can improve Public & Private Collaboration

Location: Fora, Spitalfields

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and school districts were able to successfully adapt to their new hybrid learning realities through partnerships with private and third sector actors. As we continue to see this drive toward hybrid learning, with educators connecting on/offline resources in new ways, it’s important that we understand how to leverage public / private partnerships toward greater gains for key education stakeholders. Join WISE Research Fellows Rosie Clayton, Co-Founder of the Weaving Lab, and Atif Shafique, Principal Social Integration Officer for the Greater London Authority, in this interactive workshop exploring online and offline solutions that different stakeholders can use to better serve our global education systems. We encourage the participation of leaders who have expertise or interest in community-led platforms and coalitions in education. Learn more

14:00-15:00  Collaborating for Policy Change – How can Learning Ecosystems Influence Education Policies?

Location: Fora, Spitalfields

In previous research, WISE highlighted the transformative potential of Learning Ecosystems, which consists of intentional and sustained collaboration among different stakeholders around education to co-create and test solutions to enhance and advance learning. This session will discuss the tools and the steps pursued by education practitioners to bring those ideas into life (whose lessons have been systematically analyzed in WISE’s Living  Lab Playbook) and will involve decision-makers in a conversation about the implications of Learning Ecosystems in education policy making. 

23 June


13:55-14:25  Show me the Impact: Measuring the Impact of EdTech


Educational technologies tend to generate a lot of hype, but how can we assess how impactful they are?

Join the discussion at EdtechxEurope on why it is important to measure impact and what metrics can be applied to do this.

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