Playbook – Designing Learning Ecosystems

June 15, 2022

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In recent years, there has been a growing interest in researching and mapping Learning Ecosystems. Academics and researchers have sought to map actors and projects, as well as tried to understand trends and best practices to better define this concept.

Thanks to the increasing research and interest, many definitions of Learning Ecosystems abound, each revolving around a similar theme – a system or group of people, coming together with their resources to support the evolution of learning within their community.

This playbook is deeply anchored in WISE’s and Qatar Foundation’s effort to research Learning Ecosystems and is built upon the definition put forward by WISE in 2019 in the Local Learning Ecosystems: Emerging Models report by Valeria Hannon, Louise Thomas, Sarah Ward and Tom Beresford: “Learning Ecosystems are entities already in existence providing directly to learners. They comprise open and evolving communities of diverse providers that cater to the variety of learner needs in a given context or area. They are usually supported by an innovative credentialing system or technology phone that replaces or augments the traditional linear system of examinations and graduation.”