#43 AI for Education <-> Education for AI with Meia & Max Tegmark

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There was a time when robots were so primitive they could only navigate on wheels, now not only do some have some the ability to walk, but they can even do backflips. That’s not all – AI has become so advanced that it can already teach languages, like Botter, one of the WISE Accelerator cohorts, it can pick out the ripest raspberries in your supermarket by utilizing tactile sensors, or even generate deep fake videos of world leaders reciting controversial statements.

Which begs the question: Should we embrace AI as a solution to solve problems in our world? To what extent can its abilities surpass ours, how should we regulate the way it’s used? Can we depend on it to enhance education? Well, it doesn’t just go in one direction, instead, we should be thinking about how human beings and AI can work together to become better. Meia and Max Tegmark of the Future of Life institute join us to discuss all about AI’s role in education, speculative fiction, demanding transparency in tech, and understanding the ‘human’ in the AI-human relationship.