Cambodian Children’s Fund

About the Project

Cambodian Children’s Fund provides intensive, high-quality education with integrated family services, through its four Residential Schools, four Satellite Schools, a Community Medical Center, Daycare Center, Nursery, Maternal Care Program, and Outreach Programs. The Residential Schools, its hallmark program, offer safe accommodation, healthcare, hot meals, and accelerated learning opportunities to nearly 450 children aged 6 to 18. The curriculum integrates Khmer public education with English literacy. The children also participate in computer training, the arts, community service, and other learning activities. They have opportunities to travel and attend leadership conferences and learn how to become entrepreneurs.

Children who attend the Satellite Schools receive a monthly Perfect Attendance Incentive for their families, which offsets the loss of child labor. Through this incentive, the absentee rate has dropped to three percent. A trust fund account for some impoverished children offers a monthly deposit of $20 in addition to annual bonuses for families whose children attend school regularly. Some families are directed to a Family Future Plan, through which they can set up a business and can receive a zero-interest loan.

The project is beginning the generations-long process of changing a culture from one that too often valued children as laborers to one that sees them as future leaders.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)