This initiative is part of the 2018-19 WISE Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

Chatterbox is a language learning service powered by refugees. Chatterbox delivers language lessons online and in-person, to individuals as well as organizations by relying on the language skills of refugees. As Chatterbox users learn, refugee tutors earn a living and improve their employability and quality of life. Chatterbox turns what many consider a liability (refugees’ mother tongue) into an asset.

Why it matters

Today, the issue of refugee integration is becoming increasingly important. It is compounded by the rapid growth in displacement due to wars and crises. The number of displaced people in the world currently increases every three seconds. By 2100 it is estimated that an additional 1 billion people will be displaced due to climate change. Many of these individuals will come from countries with high levels of education, such as the United States, China, and Egypt. Meanwhile, economies around the world lose billions of dollars annually in missed trading opportunities because of a deficit of language skills in the labor market. The global language learning market has grown rapidly as a result, offering rewarding work opportunities for those with language skills to teach.

Tractions so far

Chatterbox trains and connects under-utilized refugee talent with demand for their skills in the booming online language learning industry. Chatterbox tuition fees pay an income to the displaced people teaching the courses and whom are based around the world. They are also able to enhance their CVs, confidence, and connections. Meanwhile, learners using Chatterbox benefit from an innovative style of teaching that unlocks motivation through frequent, meaningful human interaction. In 2019, Chatterbox aims to raise more funding in order to scale its activities and expand its team. Chatterbox aims to launch intelligently designed language courses centered on live tuition with its talented team of refugee educators.

April 26, 2018 (last update 03-14-2022)