Moringa School

About the Project

This project is one of the 2019 WISE Awards finalists. 

Moringa School was born out of the idea that the gap between the skill set needed in the industry and what a majority of the university graduate had was big. To fast track the learning and skills acquisition path, a software development bootcamp was born.

Context and Issue

In Kenya, 1% of computer science graduates are able to find a job in the relevant field. Students typically spend $4000 on a 4-year public university, and afterwards, graduates intern for 4 years on average before finding a full-time job. Remaining students access higher education through private education providers, that cost more than twice as much. At Moringa, students complete a 5 month course and, on average, find a job in three months and make $500/month. In 2018 89% of students found a job in this time and it costs less than half of a 4-year public university.

Solution and Impact

Moringa School realized the gap between the skills needed in industry and skills the majority of university graduates have is too big and so a workforce development platform was born. Moringa currently offers a full-time, 5-month course which includes Prep, which is a fundamentals of programming course, and Core, a full-time advanced programming course that has a 89% job placement rate. Moringa’s courses are aligned with the current workforce to build this capacity based on employer needs.

Future Developments

The school is seeing the opportunity to build the current and future workforce of Africa and become the largest and highest quality skills provider in emerging markets. The school’s ambitious future goal is to train 200,000 individuals by 2030, we will do this by doubling down on our course offerings and working closely with employers to upskill their existing workforce based on personalized, blended and scalable learning. About the project should not be more than 300 words.

May 23, 2019 (last update 12-30-2020)