About the Project

The origins of OpenClassrooms go back to 1999, when Mathieu Nebra, helped by Pierre Dubuc, launched a community site for tutorials called Le site du Zéro. Their aim was to help young people to learn programming languages.

In 2007, the site became a company, which offers online courses, MOOCs, and learning paths on freemium basis. The courses are created either in house by a team of teachers, instructional designers, videographers, and technicians, or in partnership with universities, such as École polytechnique, and companies, such as IBM.
In 2015, OpenClassrooms launched an entirely MOOC-based BA degree in multimedia project management, recognised by French state, and integrated one-to-one online mentoring into its educational offer.
Starting in 2016, it offers only learning paths focusing on the jobs of the digital economy — such as web developer, community manager, and digital marketer — to help fill the digital skills gap, and to help learners gain employable skills and achieve professional success.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)