Value Added Microfinance

About the Project

Since 1989, Freedom from Hunger has developed, tested and disseminated microfinance and non-financial products and services—in particular, behavior-change education—designed to meet the unique needs of poor, illiterate women. When these services are combined with savings and micro-loans, they enable the poor to address and control many of the multifaceted causes of poverty.

Freedom from Hunger is committed to promoting and disseminating this “value-added microfinance” approach and to sustainably improving the nutrition, health and livelihood of poor women. Through partnerships and collaboration, Freedom from Hunger provides training and technical assistance to local organizations that adopt or adapt its methodologies to reach large numbers of women and their families, enabling them to achieve food security.

The impacts of Freedom from Hunger’s program are well-documented. Its signature value-added microfinance program, Credit with Education, has shown conclusive contributions to family income, women’s empowerment, children’s nutritional status and improved health knowledge and skills. Delivering education paired with financial services through self-managed, mutually responsible groups of women, has shown to be a transformative approach, positively impacting the lives of women and their families.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)