Reinventing Education for the AI Age

According to current trends, over half the jobs done by humans today are predicted to be performed by machines in a matter of years. Some of these jobs, such as writing a news article, driving a car, or teaching a class, require cognitive skills once exclusive to humans. This technological transformation has a profound impact on how and what we teach. 

How to educate humans in an age of artificial intelligence (AI)? What are the unprecedented opportunities and risks? Is there a way to robot-proof our children’s careers? In this selection of articles, experts give insight into the future of education and the role AI might play. 

To Capture the Benefits of AI, Schools Need to Rethink Their Models

Unleashing the potential of AI in education requires re-examining some of the basic assumptions of...

Who Moved My Intelligence?

How can education use artificial intelligence to boost human intelligence?

What Will AI Do for Students and Teachers?

Unbridled enthusiasm for AI must make way for a critical reflection of what these technologies...

Harnessing the Power of AI to Transform Education

Let's harness artificial intelligence to empower teachers and students.

Educating Humans in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Our most complex challenges require both social and technical solutions.