Impact-Driven Innovation in Education

The 21st century is witnessing a rapid transformation in the world of teaching and work. The workforce is called to redefine itself in the face of AI, digital challenges and the gig economy. Worldwide, the question of the hour is how to make education relevant so that tomorrow’s workforce can confront new challenges.

In such times, the world looks for solutions. Fortunately, enterprising individuals are coming together to find them. Our special focus highlights innovative models in the education sector that are leading the way.

The Impact of “Shedding a Light” on Education

The International Agenda 2030 focused on leaving no one behind, includes the Sustainable Development Goal...

Youth are Africa’s Untapped Resource for Change

Educate! is creating a new educational model to reform what and how schools teach.

Building a Successful Youth Employment Program

Generation is achieving scale and providing value through targeted employment programs.

The Power of Reading Aloud

Dr. Rana Dajani explains the true personal, intellectual and psychological value of reading aloud and...