Innovating for Equity in Education

An inclusive and fair system that makes quality education available to all is one of the most powerful ways to create a more just and equitable society. What type of innovation is best suited to ensure all learners achieve their potential, regardless of regional, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds? What are the practical lessons from the field? With thinning resources and growing socio-economic challenges, how can innovators do more with less? Experts from around the world share their views.

Four Points to Consider Before Leveraging Technology for Equity

For educational innovations to fulfil their goals in African countries, some fundamental considerations are key.

Using Less to Do More to Achieve Equity in Education

As the majority of the world’s children live in developing countries, achieving more with less...

Ensuring Equitable Access to Quality Education for Nomadic Populations

Standard schooling poses great challenges to nomadic populations. What innovative solutions are addressing these challenges?

Risk-takers Needed: Scaling Innovation For Equity in Education

The education sector needs innovators, pioneers, and risk-takers more than ever before.

Let Them Lead: Empowering Rural Youth Through Education

How to empower rural students? WISE Learner Yuxuan Chen tells the story of her journey...