Stavros Yiannouka, CEO of WISE

Eminent Voices December 12, 2015

Stavros N. Yiannouka is the Chief Executive Officer of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) a major initiative of the Qatar Foundation, dedicated to building the future of education through debate, dialogue and purposeful action. “It’s not just looking at education and what education can do to support the economy, its also looking at the what the economy and what economic actors can do to support education”.

In this video, Mr. Yiannouka talks about graduate unemployment and under-employment as a priority in developed and developing countries.

In regards to WISE research projects, he says that the World Innovation Summit for Education’s work has become a virtuous cycle, a “think and do tank”. “We are in a unique position to translate research into action, and then translate that action back into new research and new knowledge”.