[Webinar] Findings in Learning Sciences, A Revolution for Education?

Webinar October 26, 2018

The recent and rapid advances in cerebral imaging using powerful computers and even artificial intelligence to detect cerebral activity during the learning process among children and adults lead to important advances in the field of learning sciences. Researchers, teachers, education leaders and other education stakeholders hope to finally be able to put in place education policies, methods and solutions that tackle the mismatch between how we teach and how our brain functions. There is also hope to use findings in educational neuroscience to shift our educational systems from standardization to personalization and achieve as Dr. Ken Robinson mentioned during his famous TED talk, “there is a need for a transformation of our educational systems instead of a mere reformation”.

Participants include:

Ondine Bullot, CEO and Founder, Better Kids https://www.betterkids.education/

Elliot Washor, Co-Director, Big Picture Learning https://www.bigpicture.org/

Rogers Kamugisha, National Design and Training Manager, Educate! https://www.experienceeducate.org/