2017 WISE Summit: "Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together"

2017 WISE Summit: "Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together"

The 2017 WISE Summit will convene November 14-16 2017, in Doha, Qatar.

This year’s theme, Co-exist, Co-create: Learning to Live and Work Together reflects the commitment of WISE to address important education challenges in times of disruption and economic uncertainty stemming from conflict, mass migration, growing inequality, on-going, rapid technological change and other forces.


The world is facing an unprecedented confluence of disruptions. Conflict and war have triggered widespread dislocation and migration of people on a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. The refugee crisis, coming amid political turmoil and growing inequality, has hastened a retreat from globalization and international collaboration, particularly in regions that were once their most ardent champions.

The long-term challenges of climate change and the global spread of pandemics no longer occupy distant future horizons, but have become increasingly stark, present-day realities.

The pace of scientific and technological development, all the while, continues unabated. Constant advances in artificial intelligence, automation and biotechnology have the potential to dramatically overturn long-held assumptions about what it means to be human.

Yet in education, challenges also present opportunities to break down old assumptions, and bring forth the new ideas that are paving the way for positive disruption.

  • What should be the role of education in fostering social change? How should we rethink and reorganize the way we deliver learning in an age of disruption and uncertainty?
  • How do we harness the power of science and technology to improve outcomes not just in learning but in overall well-being?
  • How do we foster global citizenship in an increasingly hostile environment that may no longer favor international collaboration?
  • How can we best advocate for sustained investment in education in times of slowing economic growth?

Join WISE 2017 in Doha to discuss and debate these topics and more with nearly 2,000 participants from over 100 countries.

Why Attend?

The World Innovation Summit for Education is a multi-sectoral platform offering the global education community a unique opportunity to meet, share experiences, build new partnerships and identify concrete innovative practices to address education challenges.

The biennial global WISE summit gathers policymakers, educators, entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders from around the world to explore current trends and share their visions for co-designing the future of education.

A diverse range of interactive, creative sessions offer participants numerous opportunities to share their work, achievements, network and work together. WISE 2017 is an ideal opportunity to meet local and regional partners for future collaboration.