The WISE Research Series

2017 WISE Research

The WISE Research Reports, produced in collaboration with recognized experts from around the world, address pressing global education issues and reflect the priorities of the Qatar National Research Strategy. These timely, comprehensive reports feature action-oriented recommendations and policy guidance for all education stakeholders, offering concrete, improved practices in specific contexts. The current WISE Research Report series addresses a range of topics including school leadership and collaborative professionalism, design thinking, apprenticeship, disability, early childhood education, and migration, among others.

As a resource for the latest thinking, the WISE Reports encourage discussion at the 2017 global WISE summit and spark further research. The Reports are available on the WISE website and through the mobile app. A limited number of printed editions in English will be available at WISE 2017, 14-16 November. Selected reports will also be available in Arabic editions.

2017 Reports

2017 WISE Research #01

2017 WISE Research #01 - Thinking and Acting Like a Designer: How design thinking supports innovation in K-12 education
by Annette Diefenthaler, Sandy Speicher, Laura Moorhead, Deirdre Cerminaro, Charla Bear – IDEO

The report examines how design thinking is used to fundamentally reimagine school models and systems, support change in school culture by transforming how educators work together, and support students to develop twenty-first century skills.

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2017 WISE Research #02

2017 WISE Research #02 - The Challenges and Implications of a Global Decline in the Educational Attainment and Retention of Boys
by Natasha Ridge, Susan Kippels, Brian Jaewon Chung – Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research

The report examines the unique challenges that affect the educational performance of boys across the globe, with a focus on Qatar, the UAE, the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, the Dominican Republic, and the United States.

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2017 WISE Research #03

2017 WISE Research #03 - Transition and Dropout in Lower Income Countries: Case studies of secondary education in Bangladesh and Uganda
by Samir Ranjan Nath, Denise Ferris, Mohammed Mahbubul Kabir, Tanjeeba Chowdhury, Anwar Hossain – BRAC

The report explores the contexts and reasons for secondary education transition and dropout in Bangladesh and Uganda.

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2017 WISE Research #04

2017 WISE Research #04 - How to Deliver Improved Outcomes for School Systems
by Michael Barber

The report offers guidance for policymakers and education ministries implementing reform for improved student outcomes, based on the wide experience of the author.

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2017 WISE Research #05

2017 WISE Research #05 - A Scan of Blended Learning Obstacles and Opportunities in Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa
by Julia Freeland Fisher, Katrina Bushko, Jenny White – Clayton Christensen Institute

The report explores blended learning programs and analyzes the experiences of sample schools in Brazil, Malaysia, and South Africa in using online learning to deliver content in more flexible and effective ways.

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2017 WISE Research #06

2017 WISE Research #06 - Inclusive Quality Education for Children with Disabilities
by Nidhi Singal, Hannah Ware, Shweta Khanna Bhutani – University of Cambridge

The report explores the ‘Three Rs’ model (Rights, Resources and Research) as a practical framework for advancing inclusive quality education for persons with disabilities.

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2017 WISE Research #07

2017 WISE Research #07 - Developing Agile Leaders of Learning: School leadership policy for dynamic times
by Simon Breakspear, Amelia Peterson, Asmaa Alfadala, Muhammad Salman Bin Mohamed Khair – LearnLabs / WISE

The report describes a dynamic process for developing ‘leadership for learning’ capabilities among school leaders and teachers for continual student improvement.

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2017 WISE Research #08

2017 WISE Research #08 - Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Autism in Qatar: Moving forward
by Karen Guldberg, Elaine Ashbee, Lila Kossyvaki, Ryan Bradley, Abdullah Basulayyim – University of Birmingham

The report examines Qatar’s progress in implementing its education plan for people with autism, considers challenges and opportunities, and suggests recommendations for improvement.

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2017 WISE Research #09

2017 WISE Research #09 - People and Policy: A comparative study of apprenticeship across eight national contexts
by Maia Chankseliani, Ewart Keep, Stephanie Wilde – University of Oxford

The report is a comparative study of apprenticeship systems in eight diverse countries, examining incentives and disincentives for learners and employers to participate in them, and considering policies that could support greater collaboration with government.

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2017 WISE Research #10

2017 WISE Research #10 - Early Childhood Development in Qatar: Status and opportunities for the future
by Samira Nikaein Towfighian, Lindsay Adams – World Bank

The report describes early childhood development policies, programs and outcomes in Qatar, identifies gaps and proposes policy options for strengthening ECD in the country.

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2017 WISE Research #11

2017 WISE Research #11 - A Multi-Country Study on the Education of Migrant Children
by J. Han, J. E. Delgado, R. Cheung Judge, C. Nordberg, P. Robru, X. Qi, B. Torut, Huynh Thi Ngoc Tuyet, W. Tang, H. Uemura, X. Xiang – 21st Century Education Research Institute

The report describes the varied contexts and circumstances of migrant children in seven countries, examining rights and successful initiatives, and making policy recommendations.

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2017 WISE Research #12

2017 WISE Research #12 - Collaborative Professionalism
by Andy Hargreaves, Michael T. O’Connor – Boston College

The report builds a case for collaborative professionalism as a crucial framework for building strong and effective teaching and learning, drawing on the experiences of several diverse communities globally, and making observations on what works and what doesn’t.

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2017 WISE Research #13

2017 WISE Research #13 - Securing the 21st Century Teacher Workforce: Global perspectives on teachers motivation, professionalism and retention
by Karen Edge, Eugene Dapper, Corrie Stone-Johnson, Keren Frayman, Reinier Terwindt, James Townsend, Sharath Jeevan – UCL Institute of Education / STIR Education

The report explores how various jurisdictions, at different levels of education systems, work to support teacher motivation for effective practice and student outcome.

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