Abdurrehman Naveed

Student, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service


Abdurrehman Naveed is a junior at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service at Qatar (SFS-Q), pursuing a degree in International Politics. 

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Abdurrehman had the chance to travel to all corners of Pakistan due to the nature of his parents’ occupation. In the process, he experienced different cultures and educational systems, something which left a lasting impact on him. The resulting interactions with people of different ethnicities and languages underscored the importance of cross-cultural engagements for him. It also made him see the grim side of a dysfunctional public education system, a system in which creativity and innovations are stifled and conformity is the prevalent norm, a system in which religion and history are manipulated to fuel the furnace of myopic nationalism, religious bigotry and social inequality. 

Currently, Abdurrehman is representing his class in the elected student government body at Georgetown. He is also engaged as a teacher with the Hoya English Language Program, a program aimed at linguistically integrating the service providers at Georgetown with the larger Qatari community. 

Abdurrehman is a curious follower of international affairs and of global developments towards greater social justice. He is an avid cricketer and does not say no to a good book. In the summer, he can be found camping in the Northern Himalayas with his fellow trekkers. 

In the future, he plans to pursue graduate studies in public policy and then return to Pakistan to serve the country to which he is eternally indebted.