Ahsan Ali Malik


United Kingdom

Ahsan is a recent graduate of the University of Warwick with a degree in Law. During his three years at Warwick he gained experience in a number of fields including the legal sector, marketing and the finance industry. However, he became disillusioned with the corporate lifestyle. Instead, Ahsan invested in the developing commodities market, notably the oil industry, and doubled his portfolio. Using the funds acquired from this, he decided to take the entrepreneurial route in life. His businesses now have a six-figure turnover and provide for a number of social causes, including women’s social co-operatives in Northern Africa.

Ahsan has been involved in the education system for a long time, but he has a very negative view of it. In the UK, he witnessed friends drop out of education at an early stage and turn to crime, regardless of the opportunities available to them. Contrasting this with his regular visits to Pakistan, he saw that children there did not have a functioning education system at all and would give anything to have the opportunities available in the UK.

Therefore, he is of the view that both systems are failing and has already begun working with his peers to come up with a platform that not only provides high quality education, but also encourages children and learners to want to take part. He is actively pursuing this, alongside his current work of ensuring young teenagers stay in education and do not turn to crime within his community.