Ayaz Karimov

Co-Founder & Game Designer at Inskillz

Ayaz Karimov is a Co-Founder & Game Designer at Inskillz, a dynamic company specializing in the creation of educational games and programs. Within Inskillz, he has led the charge in crafting a diverse range of educational games, including board games, card games, and immersive escape-the-room experiences. These games serve as powerful educational tools, tackling subjects as varied as mathematics, environmental issues, and digital literacy. Additionally, he has worked closely with individual teachers to gamify their classes, enhancing the learning experience and fostering student engagement in Finland, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Myanmar, Turkey, and India. As one of the main activities of Inskillz, Ayaz has implemented educational programs in digital literacy, AI literacy, educational technology, and data analytics. Moreover, Ayaz also works as a Researcher at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland as part of the Human and Machine-Based Learning Research Group. His main research interests are gamification, serious games, educational data science, and data ethics.