Daniyal Zia

Head of Strategy, Orenda Welfare Trust


It always baffled me, even as a young child, that in the mornings we would drop my sisters off at a public school while I was dropped off at one of the country’s most expensive private schools. I couldn’t make sense of it. Both my sisters were just as hardworking and smart as I was, if not more, yet my father – who worked from the time he dropped us off to school in the morning till long after we had gone to bed at night – could only afford to send one of us to a “good” school.

Quality education comes at a cost and when parents can only afford to send one child to a “good” school, they will choose to send their sons due to deep-rooted patriarchy. Why does education – a basic human right – have to cost so much?

Thus, I have dedicated my life to answering this question and to finding a solution that breaks the relationship between quality education and large financial capabilities, in the hope that one day I can live in a world where a quality education is no longer associated with privilege.