Eva Keiffenheim

Education System Change Consultant, Self-Employed

Eva is an independent consultant on systemic change, dedicated to cultivating a world where everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, can thrive. Eva is a TEDx speaker, Salzburg Global Fellow, and Teach for All alumna. A first-gen student herself, Eva co-founded Speed Up, Buddy!, an NGO that aims to improve educational equality. Her articles on learning and the future of education have been read by +2 million people around the globe. Eva has co-authored “A New Education Story: Three Drivers to Transform Education Systems” and “Uniting Generations and Sharing Power to Transform Education” for Big Change, a catalyst for long-term positive change in education. She is proficient in three languages and has lived in Argentina, China, Chile, India, Germany, and the US. Find more information on her website: https://evakeiffenheim.com/