Hizbullah Baryal

Student, Maryam University


As a youth activist, Mr. Hizbullah has been involved in different youth programs in his native Afghanistan as well as outside his country. Currently he is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Maryam University in Kabul. Apart from his course of study, he is President of the International Youth Council of Afghanistan and also an active member of the Youth for Change Afghanistan Organization. 

Meanwhile he is involved in educational leadership programs with Young Leaders’ Forum, a worldwide initiative by the German FES organization.  He has recently finished a one-year youth capacity-building program with The National Democratic Institute.  In addition, he works as an advisor for SAYEN in Afghanistan on environmental education. His work on environmental issues started after he observed a high risk of health problems because of too much pollution in our cities. Mr. Hizbullah has led a number of large campaigns for plantations, city cleaning, and access to clean water in order to provide the environment. As an active student, he is also leading his student association and working as Editor in Chief for his university’s monthly publication.