Huong Nguyen

Crop Science Student


Huong is a conservationist with the career goal of becoming a teacher of Human Ecology. She has lived most of her life in Hanoi, and is highly knowledgeable about agricultural production in her home country. This motivated her to major in Crop Science at Hanoi University of Agriculture, where she has developed a strong commitment to sustainable agro-ecosystems through different compulsory and extra-curricular projects. 

Huong’s philosophy is that the best way to sustain a community is to live in harmony with the environment. Therefore, she is actively participating in conserving medicinal herbs of Red Dao (an ethnic minority in Vietnam) and native wildlife throughout the country. The former aims at raising local people’s awareness of the importance of prudent management of agro-forestry resources and helping them diversify their income streams; the latter involves different activities such as surveying and researching wildlife and habitats, campaigning for animal welfare, and above all keeping the general public informed.