Julio Fontán García

Founder and Director, Fontan Capital School

Julio Fontan is the founder and Director of Fontan Capital School (1993), and the creator of the Fontan Relational Education, a pedagogy model that explores the students’ potential, developing their intellectual, personal, social and emotional competencies through a personalized learning that respects their learning pace. Students reach excellence in each subject, in an environment without lectures, blackboards, classrooms, or exams.

In his junior year, Mr. Fontan has worked with his parents Ventura and Emilia Fontan, at their Psycho-technical Center, dedicated to the education research of new learning tools and methodologies. The Fontan Relational Education has improved in the last 58 years. It demonstrates that the education can be transformed, and students can develop their potential to the excellence level. Mr. Fontan is also the co-founder of Learning One to One Foundation, where he holds high expectations to provide personalized education to all students.