Fontán Relational Education (FRE)

About the Project

This project is one of the 2023 WISE Awards finalists.

The aim of Fontan Relational Education (FRE) is the quality and meaning of life of the educational community. Also, FRE seeks to provide a respectful educational environment for all, providing methodologies and practices that highlight students’ individuality, empower their abilities and offer them life choices.

FRE is currently working in two main scenarios: 1) Latin American public education, in institutions with disadvantaged environments, risk of social exclusion, contexts of poverty and low educational levels in which school dropout rates exceed the national average. 2) Private and state-subsidised institutions, in middle and upper-middle class environments. In schools committed to the education of their students, which seek to improve their students’ academic results and lifelong learning through pedagogical innovation.

FRE transforms the whole educational reality and focuses on creating new and more valuable relationships between the different members of the community. FRE accompanies the transformation of institutions at the level of curriculum and educational practices, at the level of leadership and management of the organisation, and also at the level of the relationship with parents and the school context. With the implementation of FRE, students improve academically, personally and socially. Institutions improve in state tests, even from the first year. Students noticeably increase their reading skills, grow in self-confidence, secure of their value, their achievements and their life project. Bullying disappears in schools and a harmonious educational environment is created.

For the future, FRE aims to develop and launch more efficient ways of accompanying the implementation of the project in public schools and offer FRE to more institutions at a lower cost. This requires the strengthening and growth of the project’s research and development group. Also, aims to get strong allies in networks of schools or governments that share our goal of offering an educational project for quality of life and respect.

April 24, 2019 (last update 04-17-2023)