Fontan Relational Education (FRE)

About the Project

The individualized plan and relational learning method engage students, who find meaning in their education and do not drop out of school. Students must achieve excellence on every topic, thus no student fails the year. FRE creates an environment that allows students to work with their educator one-on-one. The experience demonstrates that students finish their entire grade curriculum an average of 10 percent faster while maintaining level of excellence. FRE has excellence as its constant, and time as a variable, thus sustaining better outcomes.  

FRE is called “relational” education because students move to the next topic in all subject areas only when they are able to “relate” everything they learn to their daily lives, increasing knowledge retention and their chances to succeed academically, developing true cognitive skills. Because students work on an Individualized Learning Plan accompanied by their educators in a one-on-one relationship, they are trained to work as researchers throughout their primary, elementary, and high school education years.  Autonomy benefits students in their academic and future lives, significantly increasing their chances to succeed post high school. The skills developed give students the opportunity to create their own jobs, work experiences, and/or businesses. 

  A personalized learning increases the success rate because it focuses on developing the specific potential of each student and creates a path for a life-long learning experience. It reflects what the word education really means from Latin: “to bring out from within.” Students practice every day, for 12 years, to achieve excellence in everything they do, to never leave gaps and always find meaning in what they learn. This will be reflected in their adult lives making them better professionals, better family members, and better citizens. The quality of their lives is directly linked to their relationship with the world. 

April 24, 2019 (last update 01-08-2021)