Kelly Taylor

Teacher, PEEL Language Development School


Kelly Taylor is an Australian teacher. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Australia in 2014 with a BA in Education. She left university with a passion for her field and a strong desire to empower young people, particularly those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Kelly currently works as a specialist teacher at Peel Language Development School in Western Australia. In 2016, she was recognized in The International Literacy Association’s 30 under 30 Young Literacy Leaders in the World for her commitment towards establishing art-rich environments for students with disabilities, as well as for her leadership within The Australian Literacy Educators’ Association.  She had joined ALEA in the pursuit of providing fellow early career teachers with a network of support. Soon after joining, Kelly became the President of ALEA-WA and established a growing national network for beginning teachers. This network supports teachers to develop their skills as educators with the guidance of leading academics in the field of literacy. Kelly is currently researching the impact of art on language development for students with a language impairment. She strongly believes that all children have a right to quality education, and views literacy as a vehicle for change. She is a committed advocate for equitable access to education so all children could have the opportunity to be part of change themselves.