Luis Garza Sada

Founder and CEO, Kinedu


Luis is the founder and CEO of Kinedu, which provides children with the best start in life by equipping parents and caregivers with tools and knowledge they need. Kinedu’s technologies provide guidance to caregivers to foster early childhood learning and serve as platforms to improve interactions in the first few years of life. Before Kinedu, Luis co-founded Advenio, a Corporate Daycare Chain in Latin America providing services to families in partnerships across the region with multinational and local companies. Luis also serves as president of the Aceleradora de Innovación para la Primera Infancia, an incubator for promising ideas to improve the outcomes of children based in Monterrey, and part of Frontiers of Innovation. Luis graduated from Stanford University in 2006, received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2010, and currently lives in Monterrey, Mexico, with his wife, Paulina, and their three daughters, Paulina, Balbina, and Sofia.