About the Project

This project is one of the 2021 WISE Awards finalists. 


Context and Issue 

Early childhood is a critical stage in human development. Yet, millions of children around the world are missing out on important opportunities to reach their full potential.


Solution and Impact

Founded in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2013, Kinedu aims to empower the significant adults in a child’s life, so they provide children the best possible developmental experiences. We do this through three main tools.

The Kinedu App is designed for parents and at-home caregivers of children aged 0-6. It provides personalized video-modeled activities that target different developmental areas.

In 2020, we launched Kinedu Educators: a curricular planning tool that takes Kinedu’s personalized video-activities and takes them to the group setting. To date, we have reached over 7 million users worldwide with our Kinedu App and are constantly expanding our Kinedu Educators platform.

As well, we offer preschools and daycare centers a productivity platform, Kinedu Pro, so that ECPs can focus on creating learning opportunities rather than on administrative tasks.

Recently, we launched Kinedu Academy, a program designed to support parents during their babies’ first months of life, guided by a Kineducator in a small group – facilitating the creation of connections with other parents. Developed by early childhood experts and driven by data, Kinedu also offers key insights into child development in a way that’s clear and easy to understand for any adult, regardless of their previous experience or professional expertise.


Future Developments 

We are constantly working to improve our products: our next steps include fully developing activities for children aged 48-72 months, growing our Kinedu Educators user base, and continue to refine our developmental model through research and data.

May 05, 2021 (last update 03-08-2022)