Marwan Awartani

Minister, Ministry of Education Palestine


Prof. Marwan Awartani is the Minister of Education, president of the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, former President of Palestine Technical University Kadoorie and a professor of mathematics. Dr. Awartani is the chairman of the Palestinian European Academic Cooperation Council and secretary general of the Learning for Wellbeing Foundation.

He serves as a member of the Supreme Council on Technical and Vocational Education and member of the board of the National Trust on Excellence. Dr. Awartani served as the chairman of the Arab Foundations Forum, Interim President of Al-Quds University, and co-founder of the Network of Palestinian Scientists and Technologists Abroad. He also served as director of the Science and Technology Planning Unit at the Ministry of Planning, and director of the National Policy for Scientific Research. As a professor of Mathematics, Dr. Awartani was the founding president of the Palestinian Society for Mathematical Sciences, founding president of Alpha International for Research, Polling and Informatics, member of the Supreme Council on Innovation, and chairman of the selection committee for the WISE Prize.