Steeve Maxilien

Agronomy Student


Steeve is a third-year student in Agronomy. He grew up in Gonaives, Haiti, in a poor family. From a young age, he was exposed to deprivation, the degradation of the environment and violence. But his parents taught him that education is the only exit. 

At 20 years of age, he was admitted to the State University for Agronomy. Believing in success through collective work, he volunteered to help his community by integrating new students at the State University and building houses for the homeless with Un Techo Para mi Pais, an international organization rebuilding homes after the earthquake of January 12. 

Steeve was the Editor-in-Chief of Lambi, his school newspaper, and wrote several articles about the crisis of deforestation in Haiti. This past year, as part of his leadership class at HELP (Haitian Education and Leadership Program), he participated in a waste management project.  Steeve believes that effort is the key to success and each action can make a difference.