Dr. Helen Abadzi

Eminent Voices December 13, 2014

In this interview, Dr. Helen Abadzi talks about creativity. What does it mean? Is there an objective way to measure it? How can humans become more creative? Follow her presentation and dive into the world of functional magnetic brain imaging…

Dr. Helen Abadzi is one of the authors of the new series of publications WISE Matters: “WISE Matters #02 – Explorations of Creativity: a Review for Educators and Policy Making“.

Dr. Helen Abadzi, a psychologist, has spent 27 years as a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank. She has drawn on cognitive psychology and neuroscience to improve the outcomes of educational investments. Prof. Marialuisa Martelli is a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Rome La Sapienza and Silvia Primativo is a doctoral student at the same university.