Danis Tanović: “Our education system has to become a creative one”

Access and Inclusion December 07, 2014

In this video, Danis Tanović, Bosnian film director, producer and screenwriter, shares his views on why creativity needs to be at the heart of education.

Tanović says that education as we used to have it is not working anymore. Our educational system has to become a creative one. For that to happen, we need to define what we understand by education.

According to him we don’t know what the world will be like in 20 years, and what we learn today may be out of date by then. Training students to adapt to new circumstances is one reason why we need to teach them to be creative. Today, information is available everywhere on the Internet, so we need to teach children to be creative and forget about simply learning facts by heart as we used to do. “That is not knowledge”, says Tanović.

Tanović concludes with an invitation to build an education system capable of boosting students’ creativity, and emphasizes that schools should boost children’s genuine interest in learning rather than stifling it.

This interview was filmed for the 2014 World Innovation Summit for Education