#83 Tech in Education – A Tool on Whose Terms?

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With the breakneck speed of modern technology’s evolution, differences of opinion on its role in the classroom often turn into bitter divisions. How can we better understand these viewpoints, taking them into consideration while also trying to keep up with the pace of technology?

To answer these questions In this episode we speak to Manos Antoninis, director of Unesco’s global education monitoring report (or simply GEM) about their newly released report examining the question of ‘technology in education – on whose terms?’. The conversation covers a slew of interesting key insights from the GEM report, the role of governments in regulating tech, the hidden costs of technology in the classroom, positive vs negative outcomes, and much more.

Listen to this full episode of WISE On Air featuring WISE Research Manager and Host of this episode, Selma Talha-Jebril in conversation with Manos Antoninis.

Special thanks to Unesco and the GEM Report team.

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Relevant links:

GEM Report: www.unesco.org/gem-report/en/technology