#81 A Conversation with Sam Altman – Education City Speakers Series Special

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This episode is brought to you and produced by the Education City Speaker Series, a Qatar Foundation platform for open knowledge and discussion which invites various speakers from around the world to share key insights about our world for free with the public.

Check out more of their conversations here: www.qf.org.qa/ecss

When Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI (the organization behind ChatGPT and other tools like DALL-E) was invited to speak at Qatar Foundation’s Education City Speaker Series, many from the Qatar Foundation community quickly flocked to secure their seats for the talk.

Prior to the day, a poll was shared with the audience asking them how concerned they are about the impact of AI on our world. The results were interesting, with just 18% stating not at all, 30% said a little, and an overwhelming 51% responded ‘very concerned’. The results are arguably reflective of a global sentiment – another recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that while a majority of US citizens knew about ChatGPT, only 14% have actually ever used to the tool. What could the scenario be when looking through a global lens?

We were lucky to have our WISE Director Elyas Felfoul lead the discussion with Sam Altman and get some more clarity on his perspective of how we should be responding to this technology, and we heard a fair share of intriguing insights on how he predicts this world will change after these tools begin to flourish.


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