#80 Accelerating Humans to Solve Global Problems – Nadeem Nathoo

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A few weeks ago, some of the top AI leaders in the world representing big names like OpenAI, Deepmind, and Google came together to sign a statement that urged caution to AI development worldwide. While there is plenty to be excited for, there is of course a lot of concern. Time Magazine recently wrote a piece comparing the development of this technology to the way nuclear energy was propagated. Some would even liken it to an AI arms race. Amidst this chaos of such easily accessible and generated information, we have to ask ourselves a fundamental question: Are our education systems falling behind in teaching us the most important lesson of all: the purpose and meaning of learning?

In this episode of WISE On Air, Nadeem Nathoo, co-founder of The Knowledge Society (TKS), a global innovation program for teens aged 13-17. The conversation covers various topics related to emerging technologies and their impact on education, including the role of AI in education, how to develop a growth mindset, and the importance of understanding the purpose and meaning of learning. Nadeem also goes into detail about the founding of TKS and the program’s approach to training young people to solve real-world problems using emerging technologies.