#86 Beyond The Lab – How AI Breakthroughs Are Changing Industries

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How can artificial intelligence breakthroughs be taken out of the lab and positively impact industries worldwide?

In this episode, join Elyas and entrepreneur Chibeza Agley, co-founder of education technology company Obrizum, for an insightful discussion on the evolution of AI and its expanding applications.

Learn how Chibeza, with a background in stem cell research, made the transition to successful startup founder leveraging AI to enable personalized learning and optimize knowledge transfer. Discover how Obrizum overcame perceptions, built diverse teams, and invested early in AI to provide value for organizations across sectors.

Chibeza provides perspective on why quality measurement and data are integral to their approach, along with the importance of inventing ethically with AI.Relevant links:

BBC Article with AI Godfather: www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-65452940

Learn about Obrizum: obrizum.com/

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