#50 Edtech Frontlines – The Case of Latin America with Agustín Thienen

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“This COVID-19, to make an analogy, would be like waking from a dream. The first 2 minutes, you remember it really vividly, but if you don’t talk to someone or you don’t write it down, then you forget it quite immediately. I won’t ever choose to go through this, but as it is happening, we need to make the most of it. What does this mean?”

Agustín Pardo Van Thienen, currently the CEO of OX Education, and someone who started his entrepreneurial journey in education from a very young age, joins us to discuss the Latin American Education response to the current situation, and how edtech ventures like Ox’s Spanish learning platform Wumbox are stepping up in an attempt to ensure learning never stops.

Relevant links:

Ox: www.oxed.com.ar

Wumbox: www.wumbox.comox

Latin American students sharing their thoughts: youtu.be/fMGefvxQ-oM